Fight or flight?

fight or flight

When faced with painful situations, what do you do?

You can stay and fight. That means sticking with the pain, having the messy conversations, absorbing someone’s anger, staying with conflict.

Or you can run: change the subject, avoid the big talk, fake our feelings, kill that relationship, move house, even move country.

Fighting for what you need is mentally, physically and spiritually draining. Usually, it’s just easier to pick up and run. But some of us keep running all our lives till we run out of road.

One of my friends is in hiding to allow her wounds time to heal. Another is actively sparring with her husband in order to try and save their marriage.

Fight or flight? How do you deal with your problems?



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One thought on “Fight or flight?

  1. rmwk100 March 31, 2014 at 10:02 am Reply

    If you look back through my prayers to the one called “When someone hurts me”, you will see my answer. If you want to read it, but can’t find it, email me on, and I will send you a copy. Love from Ruth XXXXXXXX

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