Selective hearing

that one criticism

Sometimes, we sail through all the wonderful compliments and affirmations we receive and instead, latch onto only the negative comments like we’re barnacles on the underside of a rusty old boat. Does this sound like you?

By accepting only the criticisms in our life, we distort the true picture of who we really are. We are both light and shade – deeply flawed yet mercifully gifted by our God to bless and uplift others in wonderful ways. (Click to tweet) God despises our sin, but He loves us. He urges us to learn from our mistakes but also to understand and embrace how loved we are, despite our brokenness.

When someone offers you feedback, practice the art of receiving it gracefully – both the good and the bad. You don’t have to agree with their assessment, but it could open your eyes to undiscovered nuances of the way you think, feel and act towards others.

If you struggle to accept praise for your hard work, or reject compliments on the gifts that God has given you, stop now and reflect on the self-portrait that hangs inside your head. Ask yourself if it’s a true likeness of who you really are.




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One thought on “Selective hearing

  1. rmwk100 April 10, 2014 at 1:06 pm Reply

    A great and thoughtful blog, as ever. XXXXXXX

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