Why I believe

I was brought up on Bible stories and met a lot of people with wonderful values, but I had doubts about God for a long time. I struggled to make a firm decision. Some things about God made sense to me, other things seemed inexplicable.

For five years, I prayed the same thing every night – “Send me a sign. Show me you’re real. Just give me one clear sign and I promise I’ll believe.”

Guess what? Five years later, and nothing happened. No sign. No miracle. No angel appeared and sadly, my morning toast never transformed into chocolate cake.

I was fed up and frustrated. Now I had every reason to deny God’s existence, yet I still struggled to take that path. But I knew I couldn’t carry on like this.

So I decided to take a step of faith. I figured I had nothing to lose. And if I gave myself over to faith, at least for a while, I might have peace of mind and let go of this inner conflict. I decided to just go for it.

I stopped asking for proof and began talking to God. I was no longer saying “Prove yourself to me.” Instead, I was talking to Him intimately about my day, about my hopes, my fears and everything in between. I spoke to God as if He was there, had always been there, and would always be there.

And that’s when God started to show me He was real. I’ve never looked back.


What's your view?

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